The Best Weight Loss Supplement For Women Versus Prescription Diet Pills

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Women have a bigger challenge when it comes to losing weight. This is due to several factors, including the difference in metabolism between men and women, the lean muscle mass variation between the genders, and also due to hormonal differences. The best weight loss supplement for women can take all of these factors into consideration and still provide outstanding weight loss support.

However, instead of choosing the best weight loss supplement for women, some women elect to use prescription medications. While these may be recommended for some patients, they also have very serious possible side-effects and issues with their use.

Before choosing to talk to your doctor about weight loss, consider the formulations and ingredients in the best weight loss supplement for women and then decide which is your best option.

Prescription Medications

Specific medications for weight loss are typically only prescribed when the patient is obese or morbidly obese. Even then, and because of the possible side-effects with these medications, many doctors only write the prescription after other weight loss methods are used.

Prescription medications for weight loss can include side effects such as:

1. Nausea and digestive upset
2. High blood pressure and racing pulse
3. Insomnia
4. Depression or changes in mood and behavior
5. Restlessness, anxiety and agitation
6. Dry mouth
7. Blurred vision
8. Constipation

In addition, weight loss medications are typically prescribed for the shortest possible period of time, often 12 weeks or less, because of possible dependency issues and increased risk of side effects.

Natural Products and Supplements

To avoid all the side-effects and to provide the body with just what is needed, the best weight loss supplement for women include a variety of 100% natural ingredients.

These ingredients are proven to help with weight loss, fat burning, increased metabolism and increased energy levels. They are also safe to use for as long as needed, and with their natural appetite suppressant formulation they will help you to stay on your diet and to feel physically and mentally on top of your game.

The key to the best weight loss supplement for women is their combination or synergistic effect of all the ingredients. With extensive research in the formulation, they include the elements your body needs such as the Vitamin B Complex, iodine and chromium. In addition, herbal ingredients such as grapefruit powder, Yerba Mate powder, green tea and cocoa extract all help to boost energy and fat burning, allowing you to see fast results.

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