Four Funeral Considerations During Pre-Planning in Bel Air

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Pre-planning for a funeral may seem like a strange task, but it is actually utilized by many. Rather than burdening family members with all the planning work down the line, individuals can determine their own funeral plan in advance. It ensures they get to have the funeral they desire, and keeps things organized in advance so their loved ones don’t have to struggle with the decisions later. Pre-planning in Bel Air includes four funeral considerations to be spelled out beforehand.

Service or No Service

A typical funeral service allows loved ones to mourn the passing of their family member or friend who passed. This often results in a burial in a cemetery of the individual’s choosing. This type of service is not desired by everyone, however, as some would prefer to be cremated rather than buried.

Service Location

If there is to be a service, there needs to be a location set. Many funeral homes are available for use, and contain everything one needs. Some people have a church they belong to though, and would prefer to have the service there.

Hymns and Bible Readings

Those interested in having certain hymns sung or bible verses read can list their choices on the pre-planning form. Those who are not religious can choose not to use either of these things, and instead come up with their own idea for what should be read or said during the service. This often comes in the form of favorite songs or poems.

Additional Wishes

Some may have additional wishes for their funeral, each of which can be described in detail on the pre-planning document. Perhaps a person prefers their body be donated to science, those wishes can be laid out in the document. Others may specify where they want their obituary published, or whether or not there should be a viewing service before the funeral. Any desire can be outlined in the document.

Pre-planning in Bel Air helps many find peace knowing their funeral will be taken care of, and their families don’t have to worry about making difficult decisions in their time of grief. All wishes can be detailed in the document, including hymns to sing, the location of the service, whether there is to be a service, and additional choices like obituary publishings or donations. Those looking to create their pre-planning documents can speak to Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services.

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