The Convenience of Upholstery

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jun, 2014


There is a richness and an art to the beauty of the fabric utilized in design. Furniture, décor and a wide array of other pieces can experience wonderful accents that last for a very long time. There is a great amount of time that goes into finding quality furniture pieces and other concepts that help bring a space to its complete realization. In light of this, there is rarely a loss of appeal for the build, design or personality of the furnishings in their original state. There is sometimes a desire or yearn to gain a different visual perceptive of the piece in a visual sense. Perhaps the feel is still there but the desire to present it in a different light is what’s needed. This is a perfect time to introduce the comfort of mohair upholstery.

The Mohair Magic

Wool is a very fine fabric that is known for its wonderful qualities and its fine characteristics. It works wonders when used as an upholstery to recondition or replenish a furniture piece or add to a vintage style piece that needs restoring. The most appealing type of wool for this task is to utilize mohair for upholstery. There are several different features of this type of wool that make it the perfect option for restoration. It has a resistance to water and a very thick and durable surface on the exterior that helps to absorb certain levels of moisture. In spite of being very durable and strong, the mohair upholstery presents a relatively silky sheen in appearance. This type of upholstery breathes and gives an airy feel to the furnishings.

The Natural Ambiance

Mohair upholstery presents a very natural feel and appearance when used to restore, replenish or create a design. There are several different colors that the beautiful fabric is available in and it helps to bring livelihood to any space in an assortment of tones. There is no loss of character or personality with the use of this type of upholstery because it’s a dynamic presentation in the fairest form. There are several different design techniques that are greatly enhanced by the natural impression that mohair has the ability to present as well. A neutral or earth toned space can be completely revised or rejuvenated with the use of this fine upholstery. Every element of the redesign effect can be presented in a calm and natural manner but with a contemporary dynamic.

Mohair Upholstery gives a complete new meaning to the term redesign. There is a personal relationship that exists between the quality of Mohair products and Wolf Gordon.

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