The Ford Flex, A Dream To Drive

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


If you are looking for an SUV that doesn’t look like an SUV then you should be looking at the Ford Flex. It’s a wonderful machine; it’s not quite an SUV, it’s not even quite a minivan or station wagon. With optional all wheel drive, seating for seven and impeccable driving manners it is a little bit of all three.

As a family car, the Ford Flex in Oak Lawn is hard to beat; it is just as useful to deliver and pick up the kids from school as it is dragging along all their sports gear on the weekend. It certainly isn’t a cookie cutter SUV; it has a super smooth ride, a very nice interior, plenty of upscale options and plenty of space for adults regardless of what row they are seated in.

The Ford Flex was last updated in model year 2013 when it got a new front end and an updated interior. For 2016 it has been given a far superior infotainment system, a rearview camera and a subtle black out appearance package.

   * Performance:

The Ford Flex not only looks the part, it has great handling and performance. The base 3.5L V-6 is certainly no slouch, producing close to 290 HP. To really feel the speed and power of the Flex, you should try the 365 HP version; it can get from zero to 60 MPH in less than seven seconds, faster than any competitive product in its class. Steering is very responsive thanks to Fords electric power steering and a quick lock to lock ratio.

   * Superior ride quality:

The Ford Flex in Oak Lawn can’t help but have a great ride; after all, it is built on the same underpinning as the Ford Taurus and Lincoln. The long wheelbase is responsible for the control over body movement, even when it is pushed through twists and turns.

With all this space, and all this performance; the Ford Flex drives like a family sized sedan. The spacious, well appointed interior gives it a taste of luxury that belies its price.

If you are looking for a perfect family SUV that drives like a family car you will enjoy taking a test drive in the Ford Flex in Oak Lawn. You are invited to visit Hawk Ford Oak Lawn at your convenience.  Contact for a great deal on a new 2016 Ford Flex.

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