A Steady Supply Of Coffee Makes Your Employees Happy

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


You may not realize it, but your office atmosphere is actually affected by coffee. Most employees rely on their daily dose of caffeine to keep them alert and motivated throughout the day. That’s why so many offices provide free coffee in their breakrooms for employees to enjoy. Because coffee plays such a central role in any workplace, having a great supplier is very important for productivity. A good office coffee supplier in Chicago should meet a few criteria to even be considered as a candidate. These criteria may have slight differences from workplace to workplace but the underlying concerns remain the same.

Consistently Consistent

Running out of coffee in an office is almost as bad as running out of paper. In fact, considering that most offices are entirely digitalized running out of coffee could actually be worse! This is because when there’s no coffee available employees will either become less motivated or they’ll be forced to step outside to a local shop which will eat into their working hours. Either way, both these scenarios result in reduced productivity which is something that should be avoided at all costs. Having a consistent supplier of coffee for your office can help to avoid the terrible scenario of running out at an inopportune moment. So remember to ensure that your supplier will always remain consistent.

Suiting Everyone’s Pallet

Your employees likely have different tastes which means they enjoy different coffees. Some may like a dark roast while others may like a light roast and others may enjoy a specialty flavored blend such as hazelnut or Irish cream. Whatever your office prefers, having a supplier who can meet the needs of your staff is critical. You’re purchasing the coffee for everyone so you should make sure that everyone will be satisfied with your purchase. Because at the end of the day keeping your employees happy should be a top priority. After all, their top priority is keeping you happy!

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