The importance of Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


For an individual who needs to waterproof their home, it is best to understand the process of residential waterproofing in Fairfax VA. Knowing what is involved in waterproofing a home can give the individual a better understanding of what to expect when the professional arrives. Following is an explanation and the process of waterproofing.

Residential Waterproofing Explained

Residential waterproofing is the process in which various materials and techniques are applied to prevent water from seeping inside the home.

The first area that is crucial to be waterproof is the foundation of the home. If the foundation is not properly sealed, moisture can seep through the walls and flooring which can lead to potential health risks such as a mold and mildew infestation.

Once the foundation has been sealed, the basement is then the next area to waterproof. Installing a drainage system on the outside of the home will guide the water away from the foundation. Along with an exterior drainage system, an interior drain should also be installed to allow any water to drain and to prevent water from accumulating should it enter the basement.

The next step in waterproofing is to install gutters on and underneath the roof. Downspouts are positioned in a way that diverts any water away from the home. Gutters should be maintained on a regular basis to prevent any clogs that may cause damage to the home.

The final area needed for residential waterproofing in Fairfax VA is the home’s roof. To reduce water runoff, a rooftop water catchment system may be installed. The water that is contained within the system may be reused for landscaping purposes. It is crucial that any prior leaks in the roof are repaired properly and quickly to prevent any further damage.

Warning Signs of Water Damages

* Cracked Walls: Cracks may run horizontal, diagonally, or vertical. Widened cracks are a sign of structural damage.

* Buckling Walls: Walls will appear to be bowed inward. This is usually caused by hydrostatic pressure.

* Peeling Paint: Bubbling or peeling paint is a sign that water has seeped through the walls.

* Mold: If left untreated, respiratory problems may occur.

Waterproofing is essential for maintaining a home and is accomplished well when the sealants and draining systems are working effectively. Browse our website for tips and advice to waterproof your home in an efficient and effective manner.

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