What Catholics Want New Member to Know About the Church

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


When you’re new to the Catholic church, the many things there are to learn and know can be overwhelming. Let’s look at some of the things the modern Catholic church wants its members to know, so you can head into your new faith life prepared for anything:

The Entire Church is Based on the Bible

Wondering what the point of the Catholic church is? In plainest terms, the mission of the church is to create disciples of Jesus Christ. They do this through education and leadership and spread the good word of Christ’s love by offering charity in accordance with God’s will. Everything the Catholic church does is based on the teachings of the Bible – and has changed very little in the centuries since its inception.

The Catholic Church is About Inclusion and Balance

There is a common misunderstanding of the church that asserts Catholicism is about exclusion. In truth, the dawn of the church was the extension of the faith to those who were not originally part of God’s chosen people – teaching the ways of the Lord to the Gentiles. Since this time, it has been the job of the Catholic church to reach out to those who do not have learning in the word God to make followers and disciples of them and to bring them salvation.

The church is also about balance. Things that might seem contradictory to the human mind are in perfect balance in the flawless vision of the Lord. God is both a single God above all others, and three entities at once. The word of the Lord is both inspired by God and written by mere men. As you grow in your faith, you will learn that these balances are an important part of unraveling the mystery of the Bible and God’s will for His creation.

Ready to start life as a member of the Catholic church? Begin by finding a home church near you at which to attend mass. St Mary’s Church of Detroit is a popular choice for locals, offering both contemporary and traditional services. Whether you’re looking for today’s newest approach at interpreting the scripture or keeping things traditional with old-school Latin mass, there’s something for everyone at St. Mary’s Church!

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