The Most Popular Culinary Delights Served At Restaurants In Maui

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2018


One of the most popular vacation destinations is Hawaii, as it submerges visitors into Pacific island culture and offers a plethora of exciting adventures that will turn any family vacation into the ultimate getaway. Another reason the islands have become a popular destination is a direct result of the type of food that is served up. There are a variety of Restaurants in Maui that serve up traditional food items, and the following is a look at those that are most sought after.

Island Beef Stew

When most individuals think of beef stew, they conjure up images of a hearty, soup-based dish that is satisfying but known for being bland. Eateries in Hawaii have put an island spin on this traditional dish by incorporating a variety of citrus flavors that bring the meal to life. These flavors, combined with slow roasted meat, carrots, and peas, served over a bed of rice are sure to satisfy the pickiest of eaters.

Chicken Long Rice

Chicken long rice is an old favorite reinvented with island flair. Fresh, white-meat chicken is slow cooked until tender and then mixed with a gravy that is served on top of rice noodles, giving this dish an island style that is full of flavor. The meal is usually served with a side of fresh vegetables and topped with scallions and provides an excellent preview of the culinary delights associated with the culture of the islands.

Curry Loco Moco

Restaurants in Maui have changed the way consumers view curry with the invention of the curry loco moco bowl. Tender pieces of beef are slow roasted in a moco curry sauce and then placed on top of a bed of rice. The dish is finished by putting two eggs fried over easy on top, which provides a creamy and delectable culinary treat that reflects island traditions and excites the taste buds.

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