How To Target Your Ideal Audience In A Dental Magazine

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2018


Attracting new patients to a dental practice starts by understanding the target audience. Take the time to consider the group of potential patients most relevant to the practice.

For many dental offices, this will also be a factor of the area’s location and demographics. Dental offices may target families with children, seniors, young adults in colleges or universities, or those requiring specialized services such as cosmetic dentistry.

Know Your Audience

Make a list of the factors or characteristics used to define the target audience. Include information such as their typical income, family status, age, socio-economic status and other relevant factors. These factors will be essential in planning any article for a dental magazine.

Knowing your audience and what they look for in a dental practice provides the framework of what to include in the article. For example, if the practice is located in an upscale downtown area of mostly single professionals, the article should focus on cosmetic dentistry rather than on pediatric dentistry, which would be better suited to a more suburban setting where there is a high population of families with young children.

Write To the Audience

With the target audience clearly defined, plan the article for the magazine around what this audience wants and needs to know. It should not be a hard sell for the practice, which will cause many readers to turn the page. Instead, it should provide insight, information, and assistance with the specific dental health issue.

In any magazine, try to avoid broad, sweeping articles with general information. Instead, choose one specific area of dental care and treatment and provide a comprehensive and reader-friendly approach to the topic. Remember, readers will not have extensive experience or expertise, so clearly define terms and provide practical, helpful information to distinguish yourself as a trusted resource for the target audience.

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