The Most Popular Dog Training Courses In Louisiana For Personal Protection And Police Activities

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Over time, dogs have evolved from being companion animals to being put to work in a variety of settings. The two most popular areas for working K9s is in the areas of police activity and personal protection, however, a dog must undergo extensive training to be effective at either of these activities. Fortunately, there are a variety of Dog Training Courses in Louisiana that can help prepare a dog for a lifetime of service in protecting individuals of all ages.

K9 Training

A dog must undergo extensive training to be able to function as a police canine. The first step is developing a dependable line of communication between the dog and their handler, as this will enable the aggression a dog may have to be channeled effectively. These methods combined with advanced obedience training ensure a pet that is ready to help out in an emergency situation, whenever it may strike.

Handler Training

While training the dog is important, ensuring the handler of the dog has the proper knowledge to control the dog is often thought to be even more crucial. Handler training is designed to help the officer working with the K9 communicate with the pet and gain the knowledge needed to ensure a dog acts predictably. This will allow them to function as a key member of a police team and provide backup when an urgent situation occurs.

Personal Protection

Many individuals are looking for ways to keep their family safe, and a personal protection animal can provide peace of mind should someone threaten to harm a family member. This training involves preparing the animal for a life of service while making sure that they can be trusted around children of all ages. Certified Dog Training Courses in Louisiana can ensure pet, and their owner will know how to respond in a life-threatening scenario.

Dogs are more than just friends, and the proper training will allow them to serve on a police team or act as the protector of a family. The team at True Canine International offers a wide array of courses that range from 4 to 8 weeks in length and can transform any dog into a form of protection. Visit  to learn more and see whey they are known for their services throughout the world.

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