The Use of Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA for Drills in Schools and Residence Halls

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Fire drills are scheduled once or twice a year in various facilities, which can be annoying to people who have to evacuate the building. Schools of various sorts are prime examples, usually holding one during the fall semester and another in spring. Young kids may think it’s fun to get out of class for 10 minutes, but the teachers probably don’t want to stand around in the cold, knowing it will take time for the youngsters to settle down again. They listen to Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA sounding the loud racket as everyone walks and stands around outside.

School Drills

These drills with Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA are important to make sure the equipment works properly and that everyone exits quickly and in an orderly fashion. Teachers and other staff members have been instructed in how to proceed during these drills and if an actual fire ever does break out. Classes are assigned specific exit points and are required to stay together outside. In some districts, members of the local fire department are on the scene to evaluate the situation.

Residence Hall Drills

Colleges and universities also commonly have nighttime fire drills in their residence halls twice a year. The routine is an aggravation to students who are awakened from a sound sleep and have to get up and traipse outside. This is especially frustrating to kids living on upper floors, as elevators typically are not allowed to be used during fire drills. They would not be able to handle all the traffic anyway.

Nevertheless, the drill is imperative for making sure everyone will get out promptly if the building ever does start on fire. Student handbooks advise the residents that they are subject to disciplinary action if they are found inside the building while the drill is ongoing.

Don’t Hesitate

Some individuals may feel they’ll know the difference between a drill and the real thing, but hesitation can mean disaster. The sound of fire alarms as installed by a company such as Iowa Fire Control should never be taken lightly. Visit the Website to learn about this particular organization.

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