When Caregiving and Careers Collide, We Are Here to Help Ease the Burden

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


In a perfect world, adult children would be able to take care of aging parents who need some assistance and supervision during the day. In reality the demands of jobs, children, and married life sometimes make it impossible to be available to care for your parent or spouse during daytime hours. Adult day services in Montgomery County, PA, and other areas offer can help you solve the dilemma of how to help your loved one while still maintaining your own life.

Adult Day Care

You can expect several services from our facility when you choose MainLine Adult Day Care. The staff will provide your loved one with nutritious meals and assist him or her with feeding to make sure the client is able to enjoy these meals. Your loved one can also expect:

  • Engaging activities for mind and body
  • Socialization
  • Interesting forums
  • Pet therapy
  • Music
  • Peers who understand

An excellent senior daycare team offers more to the elderly and disabled adults than just supervision. To protect them from falls and accidents, the staff at adult day services in Montgomery County can assist with medications to make sure that doses are correct and taken on time. Qualified nurses can monitor vital signs and watch for changes in chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. Of course, if the changes are urgent, you will be notified. This gives you peace of mind.

Benefits of Adult Day Services

Being around other seniors can help to mitigate things like depression, loneliness, and feelings of uselessness. Cognitive decline can be slowed by stimulating activities and conversations. You can also benefit from the services. Take time to do your grocery shopping, run errands, or just enjoy a break.

Let us at Main Line Adult Day Center show you how we can help. Contact us at https://www.MainlineAdultDayCenter.org

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