Three Advantages of AC Maintenance in Atlanta, GA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


The routine maintenance of an air conditioning system is paramount to help it keep running efficiently for many years. In addition to the longevity of the system, there are additional reasons why homeowners should periodically service their system. Read the information below to learn three advantages to homeowners for scheduling regular AC maintenance in Atlanta GA.

Extended Lifespan

Homeowners can normally expect their air conditioner to last up to 15 years if regular maintenance has been performed throughout its lifetime. Without regular servicing of their cooling equipment, it is usually necessary to install a replacement air conditioner before the unit is ten years old. It’s also less expensive for homeowners to pay for an annual service visit than to replace their entire air conditioning system every few years.

Heightened Efficiency

Air conditioning units that don’t receive the proper maintenance are unable to run at their maximum capabilities. This puts more stress on the system and, therefore, it has to work harder and run longer to sufficiently cool the home.

By performing regular service to make sure all the components are running as they should, the unit will run efficiently and homeowners will save money when they cool their home. Maintenance also prevents air conditioner breakdowns during the middle of summer.

Less Repairs

An air conditioning system that’s well maintained seldom breaks down or needs repairs. In addition to checking all of the components to make sure they’re working properly, a technician will thoroughly clean the unit. This includes removing the dust and dirt from the air filter, condenser coils and coil fins.

The technician will check the condensate drain and remove any blockages. If necessary, the technician who provides AC maintenance in Atlanta, GA will add refrigerant to the unit and check for leaks. Finally, the thermostat and all of the electrical components of the system are inspected.

Individuals in Atlanta, GA should contact Evans Air Conditioning when they need to schedule air conditioning maintenance. Contact us for repair and maintenance on boilers, furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters. Free estimates and 24-hour emergency services are also available from this locally-owned-and-operated company.

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