Three All Natural Methods for Scorpion Control in Cave Creek

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Scorpions are often one of the most irritating pests. While some families keep them as awesome pets, most people cannot stand the thought of these predators lurking on their property or inviting themselves into their homes. There are many chemical based products that are known to deter scorpions. However, these products are often toxic for humans and animals to breathe in. In order to naturally deter scorpions, follow these three methods for Scorpion Control in Cave Creek.

Let Spiders Live

Spiders are known as pest killers. A spider will attempt to catch and kill any type of insect in its path, scorpions included. Instead of killing non-poisonous spiders, simply allow a few of them to live. Because it’s their natural instinct, they will take over the scorpion control for you. However, while spiders are a safe bet, make sure to get rid of any insects that scorpions may use as feed. Insects like ants, cicadas, roaches, and crickets are common food sources for scorpions. Keeping these critters alive is simply allowing the scorpions to thrive by giving them convenient food.

Plant Lavender

Lavender is known as an insect repellent. Because of its scent, scorpions and other insects will stray away from the plant. To keep the perimeter of the home safe from scorpions, simply plant a couple lavender plants outdoors. To keep scorpions away from the inside of the home, try using essential oils to clean and refresh the interior of the home. If the smell of lavender irritates you, try a citrus plant or oil instead. Citrus will have the same effect on scorpions as lavender has.

Remove Hiding Places

Scorpions tend to hide out in rocks, lumber, firewood, and compost piles. If any of these hide out spots are located near the home, try to move them further away from the home. This will help decrease the amount of scorpions that try to sneak inside the home. Also, it is important to keep these types of areas clean. Make sure the lawn and yard are carefully looked after and maintained.

These three tips are all natural methods for Scorpion Control in Cave Creek. For more information about natural and chemical based scorpion control, contact Cummings Pests and visit the site.

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