Transforming Fishing Through the Use of Electronics

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


The world of fishing has been transformed by electronic equipment in the same way that most other areas of life now operate in a completely different way. In years gone by, fishermen and their boats would ply their trade through hazardous seas, trusting in weather reports to keep them out of danger and searching around in empty waters for hours hoping to find fish. With products such as Garmin marine electronics, the whole game has changed – and dramatically for the better. For the commercial fisherman, time is money, and wasting hours fruitlessly can make the difference between economic success and failure. Even the weekend enthusiast, much as they enjoy their sport, can tire of spending countless hours with no productive results, and this is why so many are investing in electronic help.

Learning about the different electronic products available

There are numerous products that do many different things, and these products keep improving with new features. It’s really important to get expert advice and to find out exactly what your needs are before committing to a purchase. Just as, several years ago, cameras and phones and music devices were separate before being combined into one device, Garmin marine electronics can be purchased as standalones or in combo form. There are new words that you will learn such as ‘transducer’. In layman’s terms, a transducer is a unit that sends and receives sonar and electromagnetic waves. This acts as radar in that the waves bounce off objects, and pictures of these objects can be returned to a screen so that you can see exactly what is underwater. Some screens have such high resolution that you can actually make out the various fish shapes and know exactly where to drop anchor.

Choosing a transducer

A transducer sends out a cone-shaped signal, with the widest part of the cone at the furthest point from the boat. Of course, the deeper the signal goes, the weaker it becomes, and the strength at various depths would depend on the transducer you buy. A professional who markets Garmin marine products will be able to advise you as to the range of degree your cone should have based on your fishing needs. Some transducers have a single beam while others can have several, which will greatly enhance your ability to search through more water and thus be more likely to come across the fish you are seeking. There are other areas that an expert will assist with, as the transducer you buy should be determined by the hull of your boat, as will the manner in which the device should be mounted.

Marine electronics have transformed the fishing world. Hodges Marine stocks Garmin marine electronics and can give you expert advice before you purchase.

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