Three Common Mistakes That Fathers Make in Child Custody Cases

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2019


When it comes to child custody law, there is an assumption that parents ­–particularly fathers– have a right to the visitation of their children. Unfortunately, this is not always true –for mothers or fathers–, and securing visitation rights can often entail a lengthy court process. During this emotional time, it is important that fathers plan their lifestyle choices carefully in order to give themselves the maximum chance of success before the family law judge in their case. There are three critical mistakes that fathers should avoid making before seeking a child visitation lawyer in Carlsbad, CA.

1) Moving Out of the Family Home

Leaving the family home before a looming custody battle is sometimes seen as guilt by a judge, especially if a person’s spouse alleges that their conduct makes them unfit to be a parent with regular custody or visitation.

2) Living in a Messy Apartment

When it is necessary for the father to move out of the home, it is important that the house or apartment they move into be well kept and cared for. It is important for the court to see that the father seeking custody arrangements can provide a clean, safe and stable environment for the children in question while they’re under his care. One of the most common mistakes fathers make before custody battles is living in a messy apartment.

3) Not Holding Down a Steady Job

The number one thing that courts look at to determine a person can parent well is their ability to provide for the children financially. Almost nothing is more important in a child custody battle than for the parent to be able to demonstrate that they earn a living at a steady job. Not having a continuous source of income is a massive red flag for anyone seeking to gain additional rights to their children. If you or someone you know needs a child visitation lawyer in Carlsbad, CA, contact us today.

No one ever hopes to need a child visitation lawyer, but those who do would be wise to avoid these common pitfalls.

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