Three Common Signs That Indicate An Infestation Of Termites In Phoenix AZ

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Pest Control


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Homeowners who have a termite infestation should contact a Termites Phoenix AZ professional exterminator as soon as they can. These wood-eating pests can cause damage to the wood structures of a house very quickly because they multiply rapidly. Homeowners who are uncertain if they have termites should learn what signs to look for. Below you’ll find out three of the most common indicators of a termite infestation.

Mud Tubes

Termites want to feel safe while they’re traveling from outside to the inside of a home, so they build tubes out of mud. Homeowners should inspect lower portions of the exterior of their house to spot these tubes. The tubes are hollow inside and they’re usually around 6 inches long. Homeowners can easily remove the tubes by grasping them with their hand and pulling them off the house.

Termite Waste

Sine termites eat wood, it’s only natural that their waste looks like sawdust piles. Homeowners will find these piles around wood portions of the home where the termites are feasting. If the waste pile is rather large, this indicates that there are an excessive number of termites in the home. When homeowners see termite waste inside the house, this is an indication that the pests have already moved into the interior portion of the house. Wood furniture is also at risk when individuals have a termite infestation.

Wood Damage

Homeowners can look at the wood beams underneath the house and tell if termites are present. Termite infested wood beams will be filled with holes and the wood will sound hollow inside. If termites are destroying the ceiling, homeowners may notice that the ceiling sags and it will appear that the ceiling has water damage. Walls that are infested with termites will also start to deteriorate and the paint will begin to crack.

If you notice any of these signs inside or outside of your home, contact a Termites Phoenix AZ area exterminator and schedule an inspection. When the inspector concludes that termites are infesting the home, a termite control plan should be acted on immediately. schedule a free termite inspection before these pests create further damage to your home.

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