Three Common Types of Massage in Paragould AR

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


If you need a way to relax, consider getting a massage. Massage in Paragould AR is a manipulation of muscles, ligaments, and joints. It is one of the oldest medical care practices in the world dating back to 5000 B.C. Ancient texts from China document the health benefits of massage. Massage can stimulate muscles that do not get used often, reduce muscle soreness, decrease stress, and improve blood flow. It helps to know the various types of massage techniques. You can get more info by contacting The Shop Salon and Spa.

One of the most popular types of massages is the Swedish massage. What sets the Swedish massage apart from the rest is the use of various strokes. The Swedish massage uses skin rolling, finger brushing, effleurage, and skin rolling. Tapping uses a karate chop motion. Skin rolling involves pinching an area of skin and moving it forward in a rolling motion. Finger brushing will not commonly be used until the end of the session. The therapist lightly brushes the fingers on the skin. Effleurage is long, gliding strokes directed toward the heart.

A sports massage is beneficial for athletes before or after a sporting event. It will help improve your performance, decrease fatigue, and prevent injuries. It Involves a combination of techniques that suit the athlete’s needs. A pre-event sports massage is a rigorous 15-45 minute session. It massages muscles that will be used. A post-event sports massage helps restore the body one or two hours following the event. You can get a restorative sports massage during training to prevent injuries.

Reflexology is also called zone therapy. Reflexology applies pressing, squeezing, stroking, and rubbing of certain points on the hands and feet. Reflexology can treat several health conditions including infertility, migraines, back pain, and arthritis. A typical reflexology session lasts 30 minutes to one hour. You are allowed to keep your clothes on during the session. You do not have to lie down since reflexology is done in a seated position.

There is a massage in ParagouldAK to suit your needs. It can provide you pain relief without the need of medicine. However, a massage should only be performed by a professional. Talk to your general health care provider about what massage may be right for you. Visit the website for further details on massage.

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