Three Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Consider Professional Dog Grooming In Bowie

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Grooming is an essential aspect of caring for a dog, and it’s best if dog owners contact a professional groomer for the task. Grooming not only improves a pet’s appearance, but it has additional benefits as well. Read the information below to learn why pet owners should seek out professional dog grooming in Bowie.

Comfort Reasons

Sometimes dogs like to get dirty, but they feel much better after they’ve had a bath and after they’ve been groomed. Dirt gets in the fur and on the skin of dogs when they roll on the grass or the ground. This can irritate the skin and compel the dog to scratch.

Washing out the dirt and debris relieves the itching and makes the dog feel better. When dogs get knots and tangles in their fur, it’s very uncomfortable for these animals. Dogs that have long hair can get extremely hot in the summer months, and it’s more comfortable when they have their hair clipped shorter by a groomer.

Health Reasons

Dogs that frequently go outside can get full of fleas and ticks during warmer weather. While dogs are professionally groomed, the groomer will remove any ticks that are found on the dog. Those that are full of fleas can get treated right away with flea medication.

Groomers can also spot any bumps on the skin that can indicate serious medical problems. Wounds on the skin that can’t be seen because the dog’s coat is too long can be identified after the pet is groomed.

Safety Reasons

Many dog owners decide they want to take on the task of grooming their dog. If individuals don’t have any experience, this can be hazardous for the dog and jeopardize the animal’s safety. When individuals use sharp scissors to trim the dog’s hair, individuals can accidentally cut or poke the animal with the scissors if the dog isn’t very cooperative.

Professionals who provide dog grooming in Bowie have the knowledge and the right equipment to properly groom a dog. Since professional groomers work with dogs every day, they know how to calm dogs if they become anxious.

Gambrills Veterinary Center specializes in veterinary treatment, boarding, daycare, and grooming for animals. Visit their website for more information about their grooming services for dogs.

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