Three Things to Consider when You Need New Roofing in Franklin

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Dec, 2017


Every building needs a roof in order for it to be safe to use or occupy. With new construction, the hope is that the owners of a building won’t have to think about roofing in Franklin for many years. With older homes, however, the state of the roof can be a big priority for a home or business owner. This is also true when there has been severe weather and a roof starts to leak.

Choosing a good roofer is a very important part of making sure that a roof is in the condition that it’s supposed to be. Here are some things to consider when hiring a roofer for any type of building.

What Type of Roofer are They?

Every building is different and the type of roof it has may vary from other types of roofs. In particular, commercial buildings have different requirements than residential homes do. For example, some commercial roofs are concrete, which requires a specialized service for installation or repairs. Also, commercial roofs often have air flow release systems, smoke stacks and pipes that have to be worked around, which is something that won’t be found on a residential roof.

Because of these difference, choosing a roofer that has experience installing the needed roof is a must. There are companies that specialize in either residential or commercial roofing, but there are also those that do both, and do it quite well.

Aesthetic Considerations

While roofing in Franklin is about making a building safe and dry, there are also aesthetic considerations, especially for a home. A roofer should have experience selecting the right materials to complement a home. Things like the era the home are built in, the color of the home and the style of the neighborhood should all be a consideration.

How Fast Can They do It?

How quickly a job can be done should also be considered. No one wants a service that is going to take weeks to get a roof installed. For most residential projects, four days max should be all it takes to do a roof. For a business, it will vary depending on just how big and complex the building is.

Yes, there are other things that you should consider for a roofer, but these three things should not be overlooked. If you need a new roof, or if you’re not sure what you need, visit today.

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