Why a Video of Substance and Presence from a Video Production Company in Lexington KY Means Everything

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Business


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There’s this business-minded approach to go with the cheapest and simplest video content. This can work in the short-term, but the team will eventually benefit from a strategy that is capable of more than a few clicks and some friendly looking content on a front website.

Videos with Information

What really has staying potential is a video filled with information. It can be called a content-rich experience. The anti-marketing world suggests buzz and concept over substance. It is a thing that consumers witness every year as the next round of Super Bowl commercials pop up and achieve a cult-like status for a brief time. All these brands have a strong concept, but their commercials exist in a small little void. Few are really engaging with that marketing in the long-term.

It is buzz marketing- and it fades fast. What a Video Production Company in Lexington KY seeks to accomplish is a strategy that has more longevity. The focus is far more on information that it is on high-concept ideas. What will bring people to a page time and time again? What will keep them interested and drawn to the content?

Legal Marketing and Videos of Substance

A lawyer works in a precariously complex field. No legal discipline is immune to nuance. What if a lawyer expressed this nuance through a series of informative videos? She would build a following based on information and credibility. The video series could chronicle first steps, how to respond, various prices to pay, a breakdown of fees, how to buy a case, and a number of other elements within a single area.

The video from the Video Production Company in Lexington KY is crafted on the power of information. The opposite approach could have a totally different effect, but it could look better in the short term. For example, a lawyer can have a video of a terrible car crash on her home page. The video could show the aftermath of the car, crunched and upside-down on the medium.

The video ends with a tag- don’t let it be you. It’s a scary video, and it could potentially spur some action. What does it say? Does it offer information? Perhaps best yet, is it useful? First String Media Productions discusses these matters, and others, in pursuit of a video that works.

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