Tips for Buying St. Augustine Grass Sod in Houston

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


St. Augustine is a type of lawn grass that’s designed for the warm season. Because temperatures in Houston usually remain warm throughout the year, the St. Augustine grass is a great choice. The grass is commonly used for subtropical and tropical regions. If you want to add more color and body to your lawn, you should consider opting for this grass. You can buy St. Augustine grass sod in Houston from many places. Here are a few tips for buying St. Augustine grass sod in the city.

Read About the Grass Sods

First and foremost, you need to read about the different types of grass sods. Keep in mind that St. Augustine grass is a medium to high maintenance grass, so you will need to maintain it properly. The grass is laid out like a carpet-like sod, which crowds out most weeds and various other types of grasses, so it’s important that you learn a thing or two about how to maintain it. One of the best companies from which you can buy the grass is from They offer a range of different types of grass sods that you can choose from.


The St. Augustine grass sod in Houston was only recently made commercially available, so it’s usually full of sprigs, plugs, and sod. Once the grass has been cultivated properly, it will be able to propagate on its own. It is capable of growing in a variety of different soils, ranging from a pH between 5.0 and 8.5. The grass starts blooming from spring and summer and is one of the most popular lawn grasses. It is also considerably drought tolerant, so that it can grow very well. It’s a great choice for people who want a good quality grass.

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