Tips for Choosing an Industrial Powder Coating Company

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Through the years, there have been countless innovations in the industrial powder coating industry. However, not every company that provides these services has kept up with all of these changes. Taking shortcuts in the powder coating process simply costs you, the customer, too much regarding money, time, and other values. So how do you choose a powder coating company that will provide you with the best service possible? Here are seven tips to help you recognize the companies that are keeping up with the times.

Company Credentials
Check the company’s licensing, insurance, and credentials. Find out the nature of the business and if they belong to any trade organizations. Is powder coating the main service they provide? If not, then they probably won’t be keeping up with the latest technology in the industry.

Company Products
Make sure that the parts they make fit your needs exactly. This means that if the parts you are requesting will be for industrial use; they should be listed by ETL or UL for the type of use that you need. This will help you make sure that the parts you receive will be able to fill their purpose safely and efficiently.

Company Liability
Find out if they have product liability insurance. This is your best protection against anything going wrong with the powder coated parts after you receive them. After all, you are putting a lot of trusts in the parts and in the company that makes them. If anything serious goes wrong, it could damage the entire machine, so you need a company that is protected against this possibility.

Company Experience
How much experience do their workers have? This is a component of the search that many people do not think to ask. However, you should find out what their standards are for hiring personnel and also how they handle each of their customers. What does customer service mean to them?

Company References
Ask them for references and / or check out testimonials about their service online. Any industrial powder coating company should be able to produce a list of satisfied clients who will be more than willing to share about their experiences with them.

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