The Experience Of A Shiatsu Massage In New York

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


One of the benefits of experiencing a top Shiatsu massage in New York is that when students go through their training they know just what they are learning to provide for their clients.

This is a relatively new form of massage that developed out of the original Japanese massage of Anma, and also includes the concepts of acupressure, which developed out of Chinese acupuncture.

The actual practice of Shiatsu massage was developed by Tamai Tempaku in the beginning of the 20th century, with a formal recognition by the Japanese government as a medical therapeutic method in 1964. Even before this date, there were different schools of this particular type of massage, all featuring slightly different techniques and concepts as the fundamentals for the practitioner.

The Basics

With a top Shiatsu massage therapist, it will be important to understand anatomy as well as physiology and how this interplays with the energy flow through the body, which is known as Ki in Japanese.

The purpose of Shiatsu massage is not to work the muscles, as with a deep tissue massage, but rather to provide specific pressure and manipulation of points on the body, using the fingers and the hands, to unblock the energy flow and allow the body systems to return to balance and harmony.
There is also a specific form of this massage, known as Zen Shiatsu, which includes neurology into the basic components. In this practice, the client will be taught specific exercises he or she will need to perform between massage sessions as a way to promote healing and balance within the body.

The Experience

When clients come into their first massage using the Shiatsu techniques they are often not sure what to expect. What they should experience is a calming experience which is more localized to specific areas of the body than a western massage, and that also uses more specific types of pressure from the fingers, thumbs or palms of the massage therapist.

This will be applied in a rhythmic or continual type of pattern, which is very soothing and relaxing for the client. There may be slight tenderness at the site of specific pressure points, but this is not uncomfortable or painful, rather it is more of a stress relief type of experience.

With Shiatsu massage, clients in New York will find that pain can be relieved, increased levels of relaxation achieved, and that specific health issues such as recovery from injuries or digestive problems can all be helped through the process.

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