Tips For Finding an Apartment For You And Your Dog in Tempe, AZ

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Student Accommodation Center


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Looking for dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ is a more time-consuming process because few landlords will take a tenant with a dog. While they have good reasons and fear for the damage a dog might do to their property, there are still some property owners who will consider allowing your beloved pet. Here are a few tips for finding a dog-friendly home.

The Neighborhood Matters

Ensuring your dog gets the exercise he needs will be easier if you find a rental property with a large yard or a nearby park. In fact, property owners who provide plenty of outdoor space are more willing to allow dogs because they know the dogs will have access to an outdoor yard.

Prepare For a Pet Interview

Even if a pet interview isn’t required, suggesting an interview will give you a chance to show the property owner that your dog has been well-trained. Of course, you will have to live up to this promise by practicing social situations with your dog. When you’re ready, your dog should be able to meet the property owner without getting overly excited, frightened, or aggressive.

Contact a Local Vet or Animal Shelter

If you have been searching for dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ, for a while with no luck, it may be time to ask for help. Your vet or a local animal shelter may be able to provide extra resources to help you find the right home for you and your dog. They may even know of a specific property owner with a dog-friendly vacancy.

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