Tips for Maintaining Air Compressors in PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


When a business has several Air Compressors in PA for employees to do their tasks throughout the day, they will want to ensure these units are in a readily usable state by doing routine maintenance steps regularly. Taking the time to maintain air compressors will keep them from needing extensive repair work, and they will work more efficiently overall. Here are some steps to following when doing routine maintenance of air compressors.

Cleaning each air compressor every few weeks will help keep it running properly. If there is debris in the way of the air intake area, it will clog the air compressor and make it more difficult to give a proper air output. This dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Gently sweep it across the vented area to remove dirt. Swapping the air filter with a new one is an easy maintenance task that should be done every few months. Take a look at the color of the air filter to determine its status. If there are areas with gray or black, they can be vacuumed to see if the debris is whisked away easily. If not, remove the filter and place a new one in its place.

It is important that an air compressor’s nuts and bolts are tightened, so the unit does not malfunction. Removing moisture from within the unit also needs to be done. Simply turn the valve to release moisture and tighten it back up afterwards. Once a year, remove all the gas from the unit and scrub the interior to remove any deposits. Refill with new gas afterwards. The oil should also be changed every few months, so the machine works without any downtime. Check over all the hoses for any cracking or rotting and replace with new ones if necessary.

If someone needs further help in doing maintenance to Air Compressors in PA, they can contact a reputable service in the area. A company like Air Center Inc. will be able to provide tips as well as do maintenance or repair on any air compressors int he business. Click Here for more information.

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