The Dangers Of Tree Removal In Fairfield Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut can be very dangerous for the people who are doing it. It’s for this reason that property owners should avoid doing their own tree removal. In order to remove a tree, people have to know the right cutting methods, know how to use the right tools, and learn how things will fall after they are cut. This all takes the right amount of training to accomplish. People who are trying to save money by doing their own tree removal have to learn about all the potential dangers they face.


This is a danger that has cost people their lives. Doing Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut, has to be done with care when power lines are nearby. People need to assume that all power lines are live. Some people wrongly assume that the black material around power lines is meant to protect people from electrical shock. They basically think that it’s insulation. In reality, the coating is just meant to protect the lines from the weather. It’s still possible for people to get shocked if they accidentally touch the coating around wires. Also, people might damage power lines which can cause loss of power for the entire block.

The Wrong Equipment

Northeast Horticultural Services and other companies that deal with tree removal will have their workers wear and use the right equipment. Protective gear included helmets, eye protection, gloves, and other things that can protect a worker from injury. People who don’t use the right tools to cut down trees can end up injuring themselves in the process. Professionals will use chainsaws when possible. Homeowners might not have the right experience to use chainsaws and could severely hurt themselves while trying to cut with one. Using an ax improperly can lead to back and arm injuries. Wood chippers are also quite dangerous when not operated correctly. People can Visit the website of a tree service to find out more about tree removal.

People also have to plan how they want the pieces of a tree to fall. This is something that experienced tree cutters don’t have any problem doing. Even though they know that not everything always goes according to plan, they still have a general idea of how things are going to go. This reduces the risks to nearby property.

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