Tips For Packing Items For Storage In Memphis

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


Selling a home in Memphis is always a difficult time for individuals, couples, and families. Most homes have to be decluttered, which is an industry term for removing all the extra things to give the home an open, organized, and spacious look.

Decluttering is usually a very productive process, and many homeowners find things they no longer need, want, or use. These things can be donated to a charity, sold in a garage sale or even given away to friends and family. However, there may also be a lot of these “extras” that you want to keep. In this case, or if you want to store items for a yard or garage sale after the house is sold, using temporary storage is an effective way to get the extra items off of the property.

Moving Company Services

If you have anything of value, or if you have more than a small number of items, working with a moving company that offers short-term storage solutions is often the best choice.

These moving companies can come to your home and pack all those items safely and securely, then haul them off to a secure, vaulted storage area. This is a much better option than do-it-yourself storage where you have to pack, transport, unpack, and return to collect the items at a future point in time.

Packing Tips

If you wish, you can also pack your own boxes and then call the Memphis movers. To help you protect your valuable, use the following packing tips:

  • Use new boxes and lots of packing peanuts, bubble wrap and tissue to protect fragile and breakable items
  • Pack similar items together in a box and do not mix breakables and non-breakables in the same box
  • Do not overfill the box and secure it with packing tape
  • Clearly label each box and take pictures of the items in each box for easy inventory

Remember, your moving service can provide all the packing supplies you need, including special boxes for different types of items.

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