Using Moving Storage Services For Nashville Renovations

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


One of the latest trends in Nashville, as well as across the country, is for homeowners to choose to renovate or remodel a home rather than selling and moving to another home in the same or a different neighborhood.

The advantages of renovating or remodeling are apparent. It allows you to keep the things you like in the home and change the ones you do not. It also is often a fraction of the cost and the difficulties of finding a home you like, putting your house on the market, and going through the selling and buying process.

At the same time, remodeling, particularly if it includes the full home or many of the rooms in a home, is not an easy process. A significant challenge for both homeowners and contractors is what to do with all the furniture and items during the process.

The Storage Solution

An underused solution to this problem in Nashville is to turn to a moving company with a warehouse and storage facility. This allows you to simply call up the movers and have them arrive to remove the furniture and items that are in the way while allowing you to keep what you need.

The movers arrive with all the padding, wrapping, and equipment needed to move any type of items from pianos and sectional sofas to dining room sets and appliances. These items are packed or padded with care, and then taken to the moving company’s storage warehouse.

Here the items are removed from the truck and placed in a private, secure vault. Additional padding and wrapping are used, and smaller items can be racked for safe storage.

When the renovation of the Nashville home is completed, or as rooms are ready for furniture, the homeowner can contact the movers to have items delivered and placed in the rooms, making it an easy process.

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