Tips for Refrigerator Installation in McLean, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


The refrigerator is an essential appliance found in almost every building nowadays, whether residential or commercial. Basically, a refrigerator is designed to keep food items cool. Most refrigerators also have an attached freezer that can be used for storing foods and liquids at freezing temperatures so that they don’t spoil.

Installing a refrigerator at home is quite simple: you bring the appliance inside, plug it in, and set the temperature accordingly. However, in commercial establishments where specific types of refrigerators are required, a professional might be required to help with installation. There are numerous companies that offer refrigerator installation in McLean, VA that you can call upon. Here are a few tips for installing a refrigerator in your commercial establishment.

Consider the Power Requirements

Unlike standard home refrigerators, commercial refrigerators consume a great deal of electricity. You need to first call in a professional to check the power requirements within the establishment. If you want refrigerator installation done by a certified expert, just contact us. We will send over a highly qualified individual to install the refrigerator in place for you.

The Installation Process

Commercial refrigerators are quite heavy, so you can’t install them on your own. Instead, it’s highly recommended that you seek help from others for refrigerator installation, as you have to make sure that it doesn’t drop, get jammed in the hallways, or scrape against the sides. Once the refrigerator has been placed in its designated location, the technician will check all of the systems and calibrate the temperatures accordingly based on the different kinds of food items that are kept in the refrigerator. Most companies charge a pretty affordable fee for installing refrigerators, so you won’t feel financially burdened either.

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