Tips For Year Round Lawn Care In Ann Arbor, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2019


While most people in Ann Arbor, MI, think of their lawns as primarily a summer task, there are specific tasks that can be done for the lawn from the early spring through to the late fall.

It can be difficult as a homeowner to find the time to fit in all of the tasks. Keep in mind; these are all over and above regular mowing, edging and maintaining the lawn in top condition as well as any type of excavating. For this reason, many people turn to experienced, professional Excavating services in the area. Local Life Maintenance Group offers a full range of services, making them a go-to company for many homeowners in the area.

Spring Care

Spring is the time to get the lawn ready for optimal growth. Raking is a great way to remove any dead grass, leaves and other organic materials that may have been on the lawn under the snow and are now molding in the spring meltwater.

It is important not to remove all the thatch, that layer of decomposing organic material, but allowing air circulation to the surface helps to prevent pests and molds from growing and thriving in the lawn.

Aerating your lawn can be done in many ways. It is just putting little holes into the soil to allow the water to penetrate and also to create a better soil condition for the grass roots to grow. Many lawn care services have equipment that can be used on small to large sized lawns to quickly complete the process.

Fertilizing in the spring provides maximum nutrients for the lawn, allowing it to get off to a great start before the hot, dry days of summer start to create stress on the lawn. Not all fertilizers are the right choice, and there are organic as well as man-made fertilizer options to consider.

In addition Local Life Maintenance Group provides Excavating Service can be very helpful in assessing the needs of your Ann Arbor, MI, property. They can also provide demolition services based on the best option for your project.

If you need spring to fall Excavating Services Ann Arbor, MI turn to the professionals at Local Life Maintenance Group. More details on services can be found at

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