Why Choose Darcor Casters in Michigan?

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Industrial Equipment Supplier


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Do you want your company associated with quality and dependability? If you manufacture or distribute equipment with wheels or casters, you want some of the best ones possible and Darcor Casters from Michigan are some of the finest casters on the market today. Here are some of the options they have to offer.

Shock Absorption

You can choose shock absorption casters from a trusted source like Casters & Equipment Co to handle a wide range of applications. This includes medium, heavy, and extra heavy-duty units. They can handle loads from 700 pounds, all the way to 1500 pounds.

Shock absorption Darcor casters from Michigan are designed to handle the shock and vibrations placed on equipment like medical testing machines and computers. They take the stress from loads which routinely absorb shock. They are specially made for heavy-duty service with double ball bearing setups and drop forged steel yoke bases and top plates.

No King Pin

If you need swivel casters, you want wheels which can handle the load. Many casters feature kingpin construction as it makes the process of swiveling easier and more efficient. A kingpin holds two or more parts together. It is sometimes bolted or riveted in place.

If you need to move very heavy and bulky loads about, kingpin construction can sometimes present problems. The kingpin is the main part which fails under extreme conditions and constant wear and tear. When you remove the kingpin from the picture, you eliminate this common failure.

Kingpinless Darcor Casters from Michigan

A caster with no kingpin is very strong and durable. Instead of using kingpins to hold the wheel and base in place, the parts are welded together. This forms a strong permanent bond, and there is no change of kingpin shearing even under very heavy loads. The company makes other caster types for various applications also.

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