Tips On Buying Used Air Compressors in PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Depending on their size and power, air compressors can become fairly pricey tools. One good way to save money and lessen the load on the budget is to buy Used Air Compressors PA. Buyers must be careful when taking this route. Here are a few tips on how to get just the right quality used compressor for your needs.

•Try to always purchase brand-name compressors. While generic compressors may be fine for simple tasks such as pumping up bicycle tires, they are often too low-quality to maintain the proper power for large jobs, especially when they are previously owned.

•Before buying, power the compressor up to build the pressure. Spray the compressor around all seals to check for leaks. If bubble form, this is a sign that a leak is present. Pass it up entirely as, though they may be repaired, it is not worth the time and energy to do so.

•If the compressor is dirty and rusty, this is another reason to pass on it. This indicates it was not well taken care of by the previous owner. With such compressors, there is no telling what kind of problems are ahead for the new owner.

•Open the bleeder valve found on the bottom of the compressor. If water comes out, do not purchase the compressor, as this points to a strong possibility the previous owner did not bleed it often, and there very well could be rust on the inside of the tool.

•Make sure to clean the air intake on the Used Air Compressors in PA after purchase. The valves on used models can be quite dirty, and this will result in a reduction of usability. It may also decrease the capacity of the pump.

•Avoid buying used compressors at such places as garage sales or low-end pawn shops. There will be no reliable indicator of the previous owner when dealing with such places. Try to purchase from such reliable outlets as Air Center Inc.

For more information or to browse a selection of quality used compressors, check out A friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that one may have.

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