How to Prepare for Ballroom Dance Lessons in Suffolk County, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Getting active does not have to mean heading to the gym. Dance lessons make it just as easy to get in shape and it is much more fun that the typical workout. Ballroom Dance Lessons in Suffolk County NY are great for people that are already fit and a good choice for people that have been sedentary for a while. It is normal to be a little nervous before the first class because many participants do not know what to expect. Here is how to prepare.

Choose Classes Correctly

There are a number of classes available for people of all skill levels. Someone that has never had any formal training or has been inactive for a long period of time should start with beginner classes. Couples or individuals that spend a lot of time on the dance floor and are relatively fit will usually enjoy an intermediate class better. The instructor can direct people to the class that is most appropriate for them.

Dress For Comfort

Ballroom dancing is elegant but the classes are not formal. There is no reason to arrive at the lesson in a tuxedo or a dress and heels. Wear comfortable, attractive clothing that will allow freedom of movement. A change of clothes is useful if excessive perspiration is a potential problem. For the first few classes choose comfortable and well-fitting dress shoes or leather-soled shoes that will make it easy to glide on the dance floor.

Be a Participant

Do not spend the class as a spectator. Everyone feels a little awkward and self-conscious at the beginning. Just remember that all the other students are focusing on their own movements and what the instructor has to say. People will rarely notice if a mistake is made and will understand if they do notice. The only way to learn is by practicing the movements and most people will master the basic steps taught in Ballroom Dance Lessons in Suffolk County NY within a few classes.

After several classes it is easier to concentrate on form because the steps have been memorized. At this point consider purchasing more elaborate clothing and ballroom dance shoes. Many people enjoy the experience more when they know they are projecting a glamorous image.

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