Tools Used by Metal Roof Installers in St. Peters, MO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Commercial roofing is a highly specialized field that requires a good deal of expertise and equipment. Commercial building owners who are working with professional metal roof installers in St. Peters MO may be curious to learn a bit more about the tools of this fascinating trade. They can read on to find a basic introduction to a few of the most essential pieces of equipment used by commercial roofing companies below.

Fastener Drivers

While it is sometimes possible for property owners who are only looking to complete a small roofing project to get away with using cordless drills, full-scale roof installations require specialized tools. Cordless impact drivers are used to facilitate fastener installation. These tools were originally designed to install sheetrock screws, but they’re perfect for installing metal roofing and siding fasteners as well.

Electric Metal Shears

Electric metal shears are an absolute must for providing clean cuts across corrugated or shingle-style sheets of metal. Professional-grade electric metal shears feature a swivel head design and can be modified to use shear attachments that will make it easier to pass through high ribbing and address other concerns.

Blade Cutting

It’s never a good idea to cut metal panels using abrasive wheels or blades, as this allows corrosion to take hold along the cuts. Instead, professionals use ferrous cutting blades and circular saws to get the job done. This requires a good deal of expertise in order to avoid scratching the panels, though, so like most aspects of metal roofing it’s a job best left to the pros.

Metal Nibblers

These specialized tools were designed specifically to cut metal. They are used to make circle cuts around vent pipes, as they can cut curves just as easily as straight lines. While it’s possible to purchase nibbler attachments that function similarly to metal shear attachments, professional metal roof installers in St. Peters MO always use specialized equipment that is designed to be both effective and efficient.

Get in Touch Today

The tools described above constitute just a small portion of the arsenal of equipment available to professional commercial roofing contractors and needless to say, the tools alone won’t get the job done. Using them correctly requires a good deal of training and expertise, which is why it’s always best to hire a company that specializes in metal roofing. Contact us to get a quote to get started today.

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