Top Benefits of Virtual Offices in St. Louis MO for Small Business Owners

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Business


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Many small business owners operate out of their own homes or do not have any main office at all. This can make it difficult to get work accomplished and show clients that they can compete in their market. Having a virtual office can help solve some of the problems small business owners face, providing them with a great deal of helpful services that make their businesses run smoother. Virtual Offices in St. Louis MO offer several top benefits.

24-Hour Answer Service

Most companies are only able to handle calls during typical business hours. There is not always someone available to answer a customer’s questions in the evenings or throughout the night. Virtual offices can provide a 24-hour answer service. This ensures all customers have the time to speak to someone, day or night. Better communication can greatly improve business-customer relationships.

Fax to Email

Using the number of the virtual office, business owners can offer a fax for customers and clients to send details through. All faxes sent to this number will then be emailed to the business owner. This allows them to instantly receive a copy of the document so they can handle their business from anywhere.

Internet Appointment Scheduling

If a person needs to make an appointment, they typically have to speak to a receptionist in order to set something up. With a virtual office service, they can use the Internet and schedule their appointment online. This makes the process faster and allows customers to see exactly which dates and times are available.

Call Logging

All calls made to the answer service are logged accordingly. This provides details of what the customer wanted, who the customer was, and whether or not they require additional contact from someone within the business. All messages left are stored for at least four years, while log files are kept for up to three months.

Virtual Offices in St. Louis MO provide numerous benefits to both a business owner and their customers. It enhances communication between the two and improves overall services. Contact B Centers to learn more about the virtual services offered, and add them to the business plan.

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