TPO and PVC Roofing Systems in Melrose Park: Advantages of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems

Posted By : Alex , on Jan, 2015


Mechanically attached roofing systems like the TPO, and the PVS roofs are normally installed on roof decks with a low slope. The experts in PVC Roofing Systems Melrose Parkoften use fasteners and plates to install such roofs, by fastening them into the roof through the lap of the membrane. However, they exercise a lot of care to ensure that the roof substrate is clean. This is achieved by clearing off loose debris from the membrane prior to the installation process.

There are numerous benefits to be derived from installing mechanically fastened systems. For example, the installation requires a smaller crew since the project is not as labor intensive as compared to other single plies systems.Indeed, the mechanically attached system is your most attractive choice if the speed and ease of installation are essential. In addition, there is virtually no waste from this kind of installation. The discarded sheets can be utilized on the roofing system, which maximizes the system longevity by allowing recycling at the completion of its useful life. Therefore, this roofing system provides you with a roofing option that is favorable to both the environment and your wallet.

In addition, minimal installation equipment is required for the attachment of these mechanical systems. Besides, the system features a polymer strip that is fastened between two welds within the membrane overlap. The fasteners are spaced in accordance with the wind uplift requirements, making it an exceptionally strong attachment system that is ideal for use with wider membrane sheets. Therefore, if your roof is constantly subjected to extreme wind uplift forces, including high-rise buildings or such facilities that are located in coastal areas, you will want to invest in this kind of roofing system.

If you are interested in installing a long lasting and ecologically responsible roofing system, you may invest in the PVC Roofing Systems Melrose Park. Contact Roofing Solutions LLC to access competent engineers who can customize the row and fastener spacing in your roofing system to meet your specific wind load. Their roofing systems are adaptable to unusual roof configurations, as well as being lightweight. The materials are very cheap and allow expedient installation.

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