Why Hire a Salt Lake City CPA for Your Tax Needs

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jan, 2015


A certified public accountants, or CPA for short, are certified to handle any type of accounting or tax situation. A Salt Lake City CPA can work on their own, or for a larger company. They have taken the CPA examination, which means that they have been recognized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In a number of states, CPAs also work a number of hours to learn about auditing to gain necessary knowledge to pass the audit exam.

Some of the reasons that you should consider hiring a Salt Lake City CPA for your tax needs are highlighted here.


In addition to understanding your personal or business financial health, a CPA will also help you to create a budget to assist with issues related to unpaid taxes, working out a payment plan with the IRS for your taxes, and find out where you may be able to save some money or even invest. Cook Martin Poulson is the CPA Firm in Salt Lake City UT that will help you keep track of your expenses, while providing financial planning services.

Help in Avoiding Fraud

When you hire a Salt Lake City CPA, you can feel confident in their services since they are certified by the government and your state. The auditing and accounting skills offered by CPAs are often reviewed by the IRS to ensure they understand and meet the latest standards that have been established. When a person has earned the title of CPA, it means that they are trained to spot any fraudulent entries, and in many instances, large corporations hire a CPA to ensure that financial crimes are not being committed.

Help You Save Money

A CPA can also help you to save money since they know what items you can declare and deduct. A CPA will also understand how to properly handle business accounts, life changes, investments, real estate and even foreign accounts. Chances are the CPA you hire will ask a number of questions to ensure that they are able to help you save as much money as they can. Additionally, CPAs are also trained to identify any type of “red flag” entry or deduction that may prompt an audit from the IRS and will ensure that your return is free from these red flags.

When you take the time to find a quality Salt Lake City CPA, from a firm such as Cook Martin Poulson, you can feel confident that you have a team of professional and experienced CPAs on your side. This will ensure that your taxes are handled with care and that they are accurate.

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