Tree Roots, Erosion And Age May Leave You Looking For Sewer Main Repair In Fairfax VA

Posted By : Alex , on Sep, 2014


A main sewer line is considered your sewer line from your home to the main trunk of line that everyone else’s sewage goes through. This line is not covered by the sewer department and you are solely responsible for maintaining it. Sometimes you may not notice there is a problem until your yard begins to sink or the concrete at the end of your driveway sinks or heaves. Many times this is sign that you have an erosion problem underground.

Due to environmental concerns, leaving your main sewer line broken means you have to get it fixed right away and find Sewer Main Repair in Fairfax VA. The first step of a plumber is to run a camera through your septic system and down through the pipes to see where it is cracked at and sometimes newer construction in the area will shift the ground to make the pipe crack. Sometimes roots from a large tree in the area can help to crush the pipe and work its tree roots into the system.

Different costs are associated with different problems. If a tree root problem is the culprit, there will be additional cost to have the tree removed. Not having the tree removed will only cause the same problem all over again in due time. It also may need to be cut down and taken out in order to do the work on the line. If the problem is under a driveway or sidewalk, these will have to be torn up and then replaced, adding more costs.

In some cities, when a sidewalk or driveway need installed, even if it was already there to start, permits are sometimes needed and you must pay for the permit before work can begin. Sewer lines typically last 50 years, but due to freezing during the winter and shifting of the earth, this may not be the case.

The amount of bacteria that is involved in a sewage line makes it impossible to not call a professional company in to fix it. You could become very ill if you come in contact with raw sewage or try digging your own trench. If you believe you have a main sewage line problem, Business Name can come to you home and check your lines.

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