Small Bathroom Remodel and Design Tips for Those in Germantown

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Remodeling


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If you bought the house of your dreams in Germantown and failed to notice the tiny bathroom, you may be wondering how to turn your small bathroom into something larger. While you probably can’t knock out walls to create a larger room, you can remodel to create the best and roomiest design with the space you have, which is fairly easy to do.

Must Haves

Every bathroom must have a toilet, sink and some cleaning area, either a tub or shower. Most people can go without a bathtub, but cannot do without a shower, and this is a good way to free up some space.

If your small bathroom already has a tub with shower head, you can remodel with just a stand-up shower, which will free up some space. If you are short of room and need places to store towels and other bathroom essentials, consider putting a multiple-level shelving unit in the freed up area. Just remember that your shower stall area must be large enough for you to bend over comfortably and raise your hands over your head.

If you are planning a remodel in Germantown that will require a new toilet and sink, consider a sink that doubles as storage with a cabinet underneath. Use the space you have to create as big a cabinet as possible, which allows you more room to store items.

Make sure the toilet you select will fit comfortably in the area provided for it and that people can easily and comfortably sit. While you may select a larger toilet than before, you may feel cramped while using it and this could pose a problem.


Just because your bathroom remodel in Germantown is for a small room, doesn’t necessarily mean your budget can be small. It can still cost a lot of money to remodel, even if you are doing a smaller space.

What You Can Live Without

When remodeling a small bathroom, you may have to make sacrifices, so it is important to determine what you can live without and what you must have in your bathroom. If you enjoy a nice, relaxing bath almost every night of the week, you probably can’t do without one. However, if you have more than one bathroom in your home, you could take the tub out of the smaller one and have a little extra room to move around, taking your bath in the larger bathroom.

Small bathroom remodel in Germantown means a little extra planning, but it is very possible. For help, consider American Bath Inc.

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