Truck Scales in Lancaster, PA Quickly Weigh Trucks and Their Loads

Posted By : alex , on Oct, 2014


Most of the goods made and sold in American travel by truck to their retail destinations. The heavier the truck, the more impact it has on the roads it uses. Therefore, states limit the maximum loads that can travel on their roads and bridges. In order to enforce these laws, state police set up weigh stations. If the truck and its load exceed the allowed weight, heavy fines will be imposed. The state police move their weigh stations to perform surprise inspections. This prevents truckers from using routes to avoid them. They need reliable and sturdy portable Truck Scales in Lancaster, PA, for this task.

Trucking companies have no desire to incur fines because their trucks are overweight. Therefore, they install permanent scales to ensure no overweight truck leaves their facility. Often, it is the weight per axle that is limited. There are three types of scales that will measure the weight per axle. The first type of scale requires the truck slowly drive over it and stop each time a new set of wheels is on the scale. The total weight of all axles is then added. A one-stop scale has several smaller scales under the pad. When the truck is stopped in the proper location, the scales measure the weight of the axles send the information to a central processor that adds them up. The third method is the fastest because there is no need for the truck to stop. Sensors pick up the weight of each axle as the truck drives over it. Additional information on these scales is available at

Some companies have to be able to quickly measure materials that are brought to them. Scrap-metal yards are a good example of this. The rising price of scrap metal have made scrap-metal recycling a very lucrative business. Many people who have lost their jobs have found they can make a living collecting scrap metal and bringing it to a recycling center. In order to stay competitive the scrap-metal yard has to weigh the load as fast as possible on Truck Scales in Lancaster PA, and pay the scrap-metal peddler. It is convenient for these small businesses to drive their load over the scale, get a redemption ticket, and be quickly paid.


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