Forklift Parts, Sales and Rentals Readily Available in Seattle

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


Seattle, Washington is a busy city with an international seaport, airport and a bustling city with over 600,000 residents. Warehouses, cargo facilities and lumberyards support the commercial interests of many industries. So when a forklift goes down, when this vital piece of equipment can no longer do its job, commerce suffers, work piles up and warehouses can come to a grinding halt.

Forklifts, like any vehicle, occasionally break down. When they do, repairs must be made quickly to meet customer expectations. Some of the most common forklift problems have to do with overheating, hydraulic leaks, starter issues and charging issues. Whether the issue is a common one or one that takes some advanced diagnostics to discover, any company with a forklift needs to have a place they can go to find forklift parts in Seattle. A well-stocked facility with the parts and a knowledgeable staff will put the forklift back in service as quickly as possible.

In fact, some of these forklift service centers not only have a comprehensive stock of parts, but also service personnel that can come and service the vehicle where it is. Also, a great advantage of many of these established forklift service centers is a rental service, allowing the business to keep on moving cargo and building orders while their forklift is being repaired. Some companies just need a forklift for a short time. These businesses can take advantage of short term rentals as well without purchasing a forklift for only occasional use. Larger forklift service centers often have forklifts for sale and can help the customer select the best unit for their application.

When looking to buy a forklift, consider how much weight it will be required to lift. While the industry standard is about 5000 lbs, lighter and heavier load vehicles are available. Determine if the forklift will be operated outside or in an enclosed warehouse. If only inside a warehouse, then an electric unit is best. They offer no emissions, are quiet and have a great life span. They usually come with cushioned tires that work well inside. Propane, gasoline or diesel forklifts are generally used outdoors with solid tires that will not get punctured on job sites or in lumberyards. If you are looking for Forklift Parts in Seattle, for rentals or sales, professional lift truck service centers are ready to help you keep your business rolling.

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