Two Popular Commercial and Industrial Inkjet Printers in St. Louis, MO

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2019


Printers that make use of inkjet technology are found in many houses, but they are also important to quite a few businesses. Where individuals tend to prize the affordability and reliability of inkjet printers above all else, commercial buyers frequently see quite a bit more to like about them.

Sellers of Inkjet Printers in St. Louis MO make it easy for businesses to leverage the power and flexibility of this type of technology however suits them best. A quick look at some of the kinds of inkjet printers that are most often purchased and used by companies will make it clear that there are some definite benefits associated with doing so.

Printers That Provide Especially Important Functionality

The inkjet printers that so many people have at home are mostly designed to provide useful functionality at very low price points. Units designed for commercial use are typically a lot more specialized and often sell for many times the price of the average consumer-grade inkjet printer. Some of the Inkjet Printers in St. Louis MO that are most often purchased and employed by businesses include the:

  • Citronix Ci5200.
  • Inkjet printer manufacturer Citronix has several lines of products that target commercial and industrial applications. One of the company’s most consistently popular models is its Ci5200, a device meant to provide entry-level capabilities. That means being able to print one or two lines at a time at speeds of about 20 feet per second. Like other Citronix printers, the Ci5200 is housed in a rugged case that keeps it protected in harsh environments.
  • Citronix Ci5650.
  • There are situations where merely being equipped with a rugged housing will not keep a printer safe. The Citronix Ci5650 is intended specifically for such applications and is found in many industrial facilities in St. Louis. The Ci5650 can withstand amounts of airborne dust and other particulate matter that would render most other inkjets inoperable.

Many More High-Quality Inkjet Printers are Available

Contact Us online and it will be seen that there are plenty of other inkjet printers which are well suited to commercial and industrial use. Inkjet printing technology is so versatile that it often proves highly appropriate to everything from consumer-oriented devices to far more advanced and capable commercial ones.

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