Uncovering Factors that Influence Judges in Setting Bail in Scottsdale, AZ

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Dec, 2019


Anywhere from an hour after arrest to a few days, people who have been jailed are often given a chance to return to their normal lives through the process of posting bail with help from a bail bonds service Scottsdale AZ. Let’s explain bail, then discuss various ways that bail is set.

Bail – Explained

Bail is a legal term that refers to a dollar value set by a judge in exchange for a recently-jailed defendant’s temporary release. The defendant’s own money or property, someone else’s money or property, and bail bonds service Scottsdale AZ are the three main modes of posting bail.

Previous Criminal Convictions

The more dangerous a defendant is considered to the community they’re locked up in, the more expensive bail may be. Violent or sexual criminal histories both seriously sway a judge’s subjective evaluation of the defendant in question.

Defendant’s Manners of Sourcing Income

People who have been proven to engage in criminal activity as a source of income or are currently thought to do so are unlikely to be granted bail because courts don’t like accepting money that’s thought to be derived via criminal measures. The better a defendant’s personal financial situation looks to judges, the more likely they’ll be given favorable bail terms.

How Close Is Someone to the Community?

The more value defendants are thought to place in the community in which they’ve been arrested, the more likely they’ll be able to bail out out jail and be given a relatively low bail amount. Employment, place of residence, length of residence, work history, educational history, and level of involvement in local activities are all valued means of gauging whether defendants are communally close to jurisdictions in which they’re jail

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