Understanding a Bipolar Diagnosis

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2015


Overall, in the mental health category, many highly trained professionals have worked over a significant amount of time to learn the dynamics of bipolar disorder. These professionals have conducted numerous studies and have done a phenomenal job honing in on the characteristics that people suffering from bipolar disorder exude.

There is often a stigma associated with a bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas and more often than not, people try to pretend it does not exists, but it does. Oftentimes following a bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas, people may feel shame and/or embarrassment. A bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas does not mean that someone is crazy, so there is no reason to think that way but many people feel the same exact way when they find themselves in that uncomfortable position of someone telling them that they are not mentally stable all of the time. It simply means that there are different ways that the individual copes with issues and their moods are affected because of a chemical imbalance within the brain.

For those people that may have received a bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious, upset and sad, accompanied by just about every other emotion known to humankind. The words bipolar diagnosis may sound so defining, and although some people may have understood, they were a little different – having a doctor and trained professional give a bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas seems so definite. Overall the symptoms that an individual who suffers from bipolar disorder may experience all of some of the following:

Depressive State
• Hopelessness and sadness
• Suicidal thoughts and guilt
• Anxiety and sleep problems
• Fatigue and loss/gain of appetite
• Irritability and poor performance at work/school
• Trouble concentrating or thinking straight

Manic State
• Rapid speech and racing thoughts
• Reckless behavior possibly including drug/alcohol use
• Increased sex drive, less sleep required
• Extreme optimism and euphoria

Mood swings will range from extreme highs and extreme lows not offering much time for that individual to stay level. They either may be extremely happy and excited one second and then five minutes later feel like the whole world is crashing down upon them.

Someone who has received a bipolar disorder diagnosis El Paso, Texas may want to seek professional help to help them understand the disorder a little better. In individual or group therapy settings, one can flourish and grow tremendously learning new coping techniques and how to properly handle the way that they perceive or handle every day stressors.

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