Understanding Fill Dirt in Austin, Texas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2018


When completing any type of outdoor project, individuals may find they need dirt brought in to provide the right foundation. Topsoil may be needed in some areas, but others require the use of fill dirt. What is fill dirt in Austin TX, why is it beneficial, and where should it be used?

Understanding What Fill Dirt Is

Often referred to as subsoil, fill dirt in Austin, TX is used for many landscaping and construction projects. It is the layer found under topsoil and is used to provide a solid foundation for anything placed on top of it. Contractors choose to use this material as it lacks in organic material. This helps to increase the stability of the soil, as it won’t break down over time. The organic material found in topsoil, as it breaks down, creates pockets that may lead to the soil collapsing and bringing about major damage in the foundation or structure of a building. The fill dirt can withstand pressure and weight for decades to come.

Small Projects

If a flower bed needs to be contoured, fill dirt can be of help. Furthermore, it is of great help in creating different levels within the bed. Topsoil is then added on top of the subsoil to provide the organic material needed by the flowers to thrive. It may likewise be used for steps, patio stones, and around pools, among other places.

Large Jobs

Fill dirt is commonly used to prepare a site for a large construction project, such as when a home is being built. In addition to being free of organic material, this soil should not have any large rocks or foreign objects. Property owners likewise find this type of soil is recommended for site grading, as it helps to direct water runoff away from the building. The soil doesn’t settle over time, so it is of great help in those areas with cavities or gap on property as well.

If you feel your property would benefit from the addition of fill dirt in Austin, TX, give Loftin Materials (LoftinMaterials.com) a call. This company delivers fill dirt along with specialty mixes, decorative rock, loam, and more. With their help, any property owner can have a gorgeous landscape they love.

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