Cotton Sarees You must have in your Wardrobe.

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2018


When it comes to sarees, the cotton saree is the benchmark for understated elegance and grace. Whether you are a veteran at donning sarees or a newbie tentatively trying it out, you cannot go wrong with a crisp cotton saree. It adds that touch of sophistication to your look.

Subtle colors make it the best attire for work in the summers, and it is colorful and cheery enough for an outing or visit to friends. We have blessed that our Indian heritage provides us with numerous choices when it comes to sarees. You can get Designer Cotton Sarees Online also nowadays.

Some of the sarees you must wear:

Tant: These are the well-known Bengal cotton sarees, which come in many appealing shades. These sarees also come in borders with Jari thread work which give the sarees a richness perfect for special occasions

Sambalpuri: These cotton sarees are from Sambalpur in Odisha, and have exquisite designs. They use the traditional ikat and handloom weaving to give these sarees an elegant look

Khadi: The ultimate go-to fabric in summers, the khadi saree is a must have in your wardrobe. The earthy sober colors and the typical look of khadi give these sarees a timeless appeal. They are readily available in your Khadi emporiums.

Chikankari: The Lucknowi Chikankari kurtas are well known, and now the sarees also have made their mark. Earlier, each piece would be a single colors with the Chikankari embroidery in white. But now you have choices of dual shades and even multi-colored embroidery. A timeless classic, indeed.

Chanderi: The Chanderi kinds of cotton are as loved and as elegant as the Chanderi silks. The muted soft colors and the texture of the fabric make this easily one of the most popular sarees.

Kosovo saree: This is the handloom saree from Kerala. The patterned cream colored fabric with the gold border was worn as a two piece mundu. This has now evolved into the 6-yard saree. You can pair this cream and gold combination with any blouse of your choice to give it a unique look every time.

Whether you buy Designer Cotton Sarees Online or in a retail store, make sure you have these sarees in your collection soon!

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