Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Insurance in Suffolk County, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Businesses tend to represent a great deal of time and effort from a business owner. Over time, this can change into a group effort as more employees are hired. No matter who is running a company, protecting that business and the hard work that went into it is of paramount importance. That’s why commercial insurance in Suffolk County NY, will need to be purchased to provide some financial protection.

The hope is that the protection offered by commercial insurance won’t be necessary. However, there are situations, even when a business owner is very careful, where the financial protection offered by an insurance policy is going to be necessary. That’s why it’s important to have commercial insurance and the right type of insurance as well.

For virtually any business, insurance like property and liability insurance is going to be required. Unemployment insurance and workman’s compensation insurance will also be mandated by state and federal authorities. In addition, if the business operates vehicles, fleet insurance will need to be purchased. Fleet insurance works like regular car insurance, covering both the vehicle and the drivers, but it covers multiple drivers and offers broader ranges of coverage.

There are also many specialty insurance policies that may be necessary for specific types of business. For example, restaurants or convenience and grocery stores may require food spoilage insurance. This type of insurance can cover a business should refrigeration or freezer units break down for extended periods of time. This could result in food going bad, and this type of insurance would cover the replacement of the food that spoiled because of the lack of refrigeration. The fact is that this is only one of the many specialty insurance policies that a business can purchase, depending on the type of business that is being operated.

As you can see, Commercial Insurance in Suffolk County NY can take many different forms. However, at the end of the day, that insurance may be necessary to protect your business. If you’re getting ready to start a business or you feel like your existing business may have insurance liabilities, it’s important to speak with an insurance expert to see the type of coverage that your business may require. The experts at the Ginsberg Agency are here to answer any questions you may have about commercial insurance.

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