Understanding Your Current Roof is Key to Your Next Commercial Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2019


The roof of any structure is probably one of its most important features, yet it is often one of its most neglected ones as well. This can be especially true with older buildings that have flat topped roofs, also known as low sloped roofing. Flat topped roofs are generally a layer of tar coated paper spread over a decking material. In older roofs this was usually plywood or thin planking. Once the paper is in place the roof will be sealed with tar and covered with a layer of aggregate to help hold everything in place. Their most common failures occur when something disturbs that aggregate and damages the underlying tar.

Commercial Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN for low sloped roofs usually requires removing all of this old material and replacing it with fresh roofing products. Decking repair is generally the worst because when the decking fails the underlying support begins to rot. Of course, there are alternatives to hot tar roofing. Your other choices include modified bitumen buildup, thermoplastic single-ply or thermoset single-ply materials. Keep in mind the new State of Illinois regulations require certain levels of insulation on commercial and industrial roofs to meet with specifications from the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). As of two thousand and twelve this is an R-25 value. It should be noted that owners of metal buildings may also be able to use elastomer liquid systems as well.

Not all commercial roofing is of the low sloped variety. Smaller buildings may actually be roofed like the typical home. Pitched roofing options include asphalt shingle, slate, shake and a variety of metal products. If you opt for galvanized, stamped steel you can get the roof to match almost any existing roofing material available from a simulated red clay to faux cedar shakes. For a little more money you can get that roofing with additional insulation. Other sloped roofs just look the part and are actually made from long sheets of tin or aluminum. These roofs will generally last for many years, but they may need the occasional sealing around seams or vents. If you are in need of Commercial Roofing Replacement be sure to consider Steve Gentry Construction as your next contractor.

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