Using Pest Control in Columbia MD To Remove Ants From A Home

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


If a large number of carpenter ants are noticed in a home, the owner will most likely want to remove them swiftly and in their entirety. Most people will contact a service that does Pest Control in Columbia MD if ant numbers are excessive. After the ants are eradicated, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure they do not come back in the future.

The Exterior Of The Home Should Be Evaluated For Damage

If there are portions of the home’s siding where damage is present, ants can make their way through holes or crevices to the interior of the home. It is best to do routine evaluations of the siding so damage can be repaired promptly. Expanding foam or caulk can be pushed into cracks to help keep ants from using the damaged areas as passageways to the interior of the home.

Use Deterrents To Keep Ants On The Outside Of The Homes

Ants tend to stick to walking around on grassy or dirt surfaces when possible. To help keep ants from crawling on the side of a home, crushed gravel can be placed along the foundation perimeter. Ants will be likely to divert from their pathway so they can avoid the stones. Using talc along the bottoms of window frames and underneath doors will also aid in keeping ants from coming in a home. They will avoid crossing powdery substances.

Make Sure To Clean The Home Regularly

Keeping the home in a clean state will aid in keeping ants from becoming a nuisance. Ants will remain in areas where there is an abundant supply of food. If crumbs are present within a home, ants will be more likely to stay inside. Vacuuming and wiping counters as a routine procedure each day will help keep indoor ant population at a minimum.

When there is a need to hire a business that provides Pest Control in Columbia MD, finding a company known for its fast response time is usually desired. Take the time to visit the website to find out more about pest control options and pricing today.

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